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Rethink Power

The first and only Electricity Provider dedicated to serving the Texas Bitcoin community

Crypto Power is ushering in a new era of transparency. Our team is fiercely dedicated to optimizing the Texas wholesale power market directly to the client—no “Brokers”, no “Energy Managers”, no “Power Consultants”.

Custom-Tailored Power Contracts

Successful Bitcoin mining operations require a true End-to-End power solution.

  • Wholesale Pricing Transparency
  • AI Driven Energy and Ancillary Co-optimization
  • 4CP Management
  • Proprietary SmartBill Technology
  • Fully Auditable Settlements Reporting
  • Creative Collateral and Credit Structuring

Full-Service Utility Project Management

  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • Transmission and Distribution Load Studies
  • In-house Engineering, Procurement, Design, and Construction
  • Confidential Site and Stranded Asset Opportunities Available



Off-Grid Solutions




Texas Panhandle


Why Crypto Power Exists

Crypto Power embodies the Blockchain ethos of maximum efficiency and ledger worthy accountability.

For too long, Retail Electricity Providers in ERCOT have chosen to act as pricing desks for brokers, rather than provide true value to the end customer. Crypto Power is here to change the paradigm.

The Better Energy Experience is here

If You Are Ready To Choose It

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